We can do any custom design, but below are some concepts that we have done in the past.

We can take your existing art and ideas and make magnificent PCBs out of them.

The Binary Clock Badge

This badge concept is a working build it yourself battery operated binary clock.  It runs off of a CR2032 battery and should run for a fairly long time on a single battery.  It has two ‘function’ buttons that allow the holder to set the time.

Functioning Arduino Badge

This badge was featured at the SouthernDev.co conference in Augusta, Ga.  Participants were able to build a fully functional Arduino micro controller unit and wear it while at the conference.


Musical Keyboard Badge

This badge concept allows your participants to build their very own battery operated musical keyboard while at your conference.  It is built around the ATMEGA328P micro controller and works like most Arduino products, except this one plays music!!!

Gaming Badge

This badge will allow your attendees to build a handheld gaming badge.  It is built around the Arduino Nano micro controller and uses a Nokia 5110 screen, a speaker, 3 LEDs, and 5 push buttons.


If you or your team would like to learn more, please contact us at:  David@CyberCityCircuits.com.