Did you know that last year 30% of online retail clothing purchases were returned?

DREAM-Fit is a team effort where we are fixing a long time issue in the clothing retail industry.

What needs to be fixed?

Last year 30% of online retail clothing purchases were returned.  This accounts for a large amount of loss for retailers in returned product and shipping costs.  Also, it creates a unsatisfactory experience with the customer.

What can we do to fix it?

We are creating a ‘virtual fitting room’ where you can goto your local retail location and in less than thirty seconds the retailer will have all of your measurements.  I am not just talking about waist size, arm length, should width, but how thick your calves and thighs are.

How can this benefit the customer?

The retailer can then use that information and pair it to your online shopping account to tell you if clothing online will or will not fit.  This eliminates the guesswork when shopping online.  This will reduce loss in returns and shipping costs, along with giving their customer a better overall experience.

Please EMail Contact@DREAM-Enterprise.com with any questions or feedback.  Thank you.