Using LoRa Radio with Raspberry Pi.


Working on a project as a group with R6 Industries I developed a Raspberry Pi/Feather based platform for sending packet data from one node to another over radio waves.  Using the 915Mhz ISM band I am able to send long strings of data ~1-3 miles with a battery operated portable device.  The Adafruit Feather unit has a LoRa module built into it and has libraries available for it to use.  I then used the GPIO connections from the Raspberry Pi to communicate back and forth between the Feather and the Raspberry Pi.  The Raspberry Pi hosts a full stack web host for SQL database management and web form hosting.

Strings of data are broken up into 100 byte packets and then the addressing information is added to a frame and sent.  Once all of the packets are sent then data is reconstructed on the receiving unit and a checksum validation between the two takes place.  Once that is completed the Raspberry Pi passes the validated data to the web host for use with the web based application.