Connecting RCA cables directly to the Genesis

Many years ago not being able to find the special cable for your game console would be a big deal.  Even now you have to go through the hassle of buying one on eBay and waiting one or two weeks for it to come in.  When I was approached with this problem I decided to fix it so it wouldn’t bother me again.  Here is how I added RCA jacks to the side of my Sega Genesis Model 2.

Opening it up there is a shield covering the mother board, but once you pull that off it’s pretty well laid out and easy to get to.  You can easily see the ROM and the CPU.

The AV jack is on the back end of the board.  Right next to it you will find the Sony video IC.  You can technically solder straight to the IC and get the same effect, but why do that when you can solder directly to the jack.  To the right here I list the pins for each of the RCA connectors.

I used electrical tape to measure and mark the holes for the connectors and then I just drilled them out.

All of the connectors use a common ground so I chained them together and then soldered the connections from the jack directly to the RCA connectors.

Then I was finished.  Pretty simple project.  Took about an hour maybe an hour and a half.  I highly recommend that you go and find ways you can make your life easier by applying simple modifications to your things.  Innovating is important and very useful.