Bot DingsALot – A Look Back to New Years 2018

Bot DingsALot on Display in Augusta, Ga Cyber City Circuits Center for Applied Innovation.

Five years ago, my Christmas and New Years Break was spent with family, friends, and BELLS. I bought a set of 20 handbells and set out to make them sing. Bot DingsALot was first built for a local event as an art exhibit. Lots and lots of people were coming and they needed some really fun, engaging, innovative pieces to display. Over a thousand people got to experience it.

Bot DingsALot was built so that it could be interacted with. It was freezing cold, but the lobby was far too small for everyone, so they encouraged everyone to go outside and listen to the bells. This gentleman came up and started playing Flight of the Bumblebee.

Over the years, we displayed Bot DingsALot several times. It’s a brute to carry around, but it fit perfectly in my hatchback. A couple of times a year I would pack it all up and bring it to a school or public STEM event.

Bot DingsALot currently sits on display in our private collection in the Cyber City Circuits Center for Applied Innovation in Downtown Augusta, Ga.

For more about Bot DingsALot check out the related Twitter Thread

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