Design, Prototyping, and Reverse Engineering Services for Small Business

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Placing an Assembly Order with Cyber City Circuits

We offer an assortment of assembly services for your company’s needs. Click here to learn how to place an assembly order.

Event Badge Special!

Are you looking for a unique and engaging way to showcase your brand or event to attendees? Look no further than custom PCB Event Badges! With the help of Cyber City Circuits, you can have a custom PCB Event Badge that reflects the theme and branding of your event and will be manufactured by our expert team in Augusta, Ga.



New Product Design

We work with small businesses to bring their ideas and concepts to life and to the market. Through the process we are there, from helping with the requirement specification documents, through prototyping, and low-to-medium volume manufacturing.


Reverse Engineering

Put Cyber City Circuits' years of experience to work for your small business. We can help you reproduce another manufacturer's work through detailed examination of a device's construction and operation.


Professional Training

In our offices we have a 1600 SqFt training facility where we teach focused electronics training, including soldering, design, theory, and more.


PCB Assembly

Using high tech equipment on site, we’re able to offer full assembly services down to 0402 component size for SMT as well as through hole placement and hand soldering as needed.

Circuit Clip Art

'Digital Twin' Creation

Using advanced tools and detailed examination, Cyber City Circuits will make a digital recreation of your PCB that fits Form, Fit, and Function

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About Us

At Cyber City Circuits, we truly believe that the best way to new industry and to foster innovation is through education. Since the beginning, we focused on teaching after school programs and corporate workshops to help spread our joy of electronics to everyone. Now, being a contract manufacturer, we are able to work together with others to help bring their devices to life. Our enjoyment of teaching still exists, and we work with clients to provide the best service and direction we can.

Meet the Founders

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Chris Williamson

Director of Operations


David Ray

General Manager

Veteran Owned Business

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Adams Mitchell
Adams Mitchell
19:30 16 Aug 22
Recently signed up for a soldering class offered here and had a great time here. It's an incredible place that is capable of so much in the tech field here in Augusta. Myself and my wife had a fun time putting one of their voice recorder kits together. Great for all ages.
Russell Sebastian
Russell Sebastian
00:09 25 Mar 22
Cyber City Circuits has been an AMAZING partner for my escape room business in Texas! I had a project to create a technically challenging, 3-minute "festival" escape room. I had an idea, but I needed the expertise. Chris and I met over the phone and we designed a solution together. He really listened to my ideas and incorporated them into the solution. The entire process was discussed and documented to great detail. Cyber City Circuits engineered the entire complex solution and had it shipped out to me sooner than expected! The post-delivery calls and follow up were absolutely fantastic. I knew I had made the right choice, and that these folks had my back should I have any questions about the project. The Agency Phone Escape Room is AWESOME, has seen many festivals, and I am so happy with my engineers at Cyber City Circuits! I will be using them again on upcoming projects, no question in my mind.
schuster “axecopfire” braun
schuster “axecopfire” braun
19:19 20 Mar 22
Great experience,Cyber City Circuits has had amazing quality since day one. They have gone through an amazing transformation in their capabilities. They've been able to maintain a high quality of customer service the entire time. I got 2 Dreamweaver 4Ns and love them. They took the through hole design from the first generation and really improved it and built a great second generation surface mounted one with a number of great new features. Really happy to see Cyber City Circuits doing well.
Dan D'Andrea
Dan D'Andrea
02:55 18 Mar 22
Excellent PCB assembly and Quality Assurance work by an American company. Major bonus points for it being a Service Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. One of my favorite things about working with Cyber City Circuits is the amount of flexibility that they allow for small-time operators just getting started with a new PCB design. It was very easy to work with Cyber City Circuits to improve our process, improve our PCB design, and work around any issues that we had in our design. I also think that their prices are very competitive. I plan to bring much more of my future PCB assembly needs to Cyber City Circuits.
Evil Genius Labs
Evil Genius Labs
15:55 16 Mar 22
Cyber City Circuits has assembled hundreds of my Fibonacci LED printed circuit boards ranging in size from 33mm (1.3") to 166mm (6.5"). They've placed thousands of tiny components for me. They tested every single assembled board, placed each in a labeled antistatic bag, packed them up and shipped them to me, with zero failures or problems on my end.The entire process was easy and painless. After providing the design files to them, they provided an estimate, ordered the PCBs and parts, handled all of the assembly and testing, and sent an invoice that was payable online.They're based in the US, and it's very quick and easy to work with them.I highly recommend Cyber City Circuits electronics manufacturing, design, etc.Thank you David and the rest of the team!
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