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Placing an Assembly Order with Cyber City Circuits

We offer an assortment of services, including:

How to place an Assembly

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Important things to know


We require 10% overage on PCBs.


We require 10% overage on all parts and 20% overage on all parts 0402 and smaller.


If we perform your assembly, we will need a position file. Here is how to do it in KiCAD.


Clients can earn bonus points by clearly marking the BOM line number on each kitted part they send. To make it even easier, we recommend marking the parts with the format “Job Number + BOM Line Number”. Additionally, if you are ordering new parts for this order, you can use the same number as your customer number.


By submitting a Request for Quote you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

Shipping address

Cyber City Circuits

Attn: D. Ray
336 Georgia Ave
Suite 106 Box 233
N Augusta, SC 29841

Assembly Tiers

  • Low Quantities – No Minimums
  • Materials MUST be kitted.
  • No firmware or QC services.
  • Stencil may be flex or framed.
  • 3-Day, 5-Day, and 10-Day turnaround options available.
  • Quantities up to 500 PCB Assemblies.
  • Part sourcing services available.
  • Panelization Requirements
  • Firmware and QC Services available.
  • Framed stencil required.
  • Quantities greater than 500 PCB Assemblies
  • Part sourcing services available.
  • Panelization Requirements
  • Firmware and QC Services available.
  • Framed stencil required.
  • Blanket Ordering / Scheduled Ordering available.

Panelization Requirements

During the manufacturing process PCB Assemblers will use edge rails through out the process to feed the boards through the various machines. Our machines work best when we can use mounting pins to hold your boards in place. Vendors like JLCPCB and PCBWay will panelize your boards with edge rails for you. If you don’t want to or your design can’t be panelized, there are other ways we can assemble your board and we can still help.

For more information, check out Much Ado About Panelization and Mounting Holes.

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Based on 41 reviews

Data AdminData Admin
17:14 04 Apr 24
Was pleasantly surprised with the level of attention to the order, customer support, manufacturing lead time and quality. It is great to partner with local, veteran owned USA business for quick electronics prototyping vs having to go overseas.
Jess AndersonJess Anderson
20:59 20 Nov 23
I purchased a vintage Commodore PET from Cyber City Circuits. It was packaged properly, UPS managed to destroy it in a brand new shipping box. General Manager David Ray was responsive to my concerns and genuinely cared that I received proper compensation in a timely fashion. David is a stand up guy and always does the right thing to make transactions a win-win.
Tyler RosonkeTyler Rosonke
13:19 25 Oct 23
CCC assembled 500 custom PCB units for our conference. They communicated well, were flexible, and did a fantastic job! We plan to use them again. Thank you CCC!
Frisco Escape RoomFrisco Escape Room
15:21 13 Oct 23
Chris goes the extra mile to make sure that you are set up for success. I’ve built several custom escape rooms with him and both the products and customer support are unparalleled. Thank you for making all my tech and fabrication needs effortless!
Andy GeppertAndy Geppert
02:55 08 Aug 23
The team at Cyber City Circuits built a batch of custom boards for me and they did a fantastic job. The quality was solid and the communication was smooth.
Clemens MayerClemens Mayer
18:50 07 Apr 23
Adams MitchellAdams Mitchell
19:30 16 Aug 22
Recently signed up for a soldering class offered here and had a great time here. It's an incredible place that is capable of so much in the tech field here in Augusta. Myself and my wife had a fun time putting one of their voice recorder kits together. Great for all ages.
Russell SebastianRussell Sebastian
00:09 25 Mar 22
Cyber City Circuits has been an AMAZING partner for my escape room business in Texas! I had a project to create a technically challenging, 3-minute "festival" escape room. I had an idea, but I needed the expertise. Chris and I met over the phone and we designed a solution together. He really listened to my ideas and incorporated them into the solution. The entire process was discussed and documented to great detail. Cyber City Circuits engineered the entire complex solution and had it shipped out to me sooner than expected! The post-delivery calls and follow up were absolutely fantastic. I knew I had made the right choice, and that these folks had my back should I have any questions about the project. The Agency Phone Escape Room is AWESOME, has seen many festivals, and I am so happy with my engineers at Cyber City Circuits! I will be using them again on upcoming projects, no question in my mind.
Great experience,Cyber City Circuits has had amazing quality since day one. They have gone through an amazing transformation in their capabilities. They've been able to maintain a high quality of customer service the entire time. I got 2 Dreamweaver 4Ns and love them. They took the through hole design from the first generation and really improved it and built a great second generation surface mounted one with a number of great new features. Really happy to see Cyber City Circuits doing well.
Evil Genius LabsEvil Genius Labs
15:55 16 Mar 22
Cyber City Circuits has assembled hundreds of my Fibonacci LED printed circuit boards ranging in size from 33mm (1.3") to 166mm (6.5"). They've placed thousands of tiny components for me. They tested every single assembled board, placed each in a labeled antistatic bag, packed them up and shipped them to me, with zero failures or problems on my end.The entire process was easy and painless. After providing the design files to them, they provided an estimate, ordered the PCBs and parts, handled all of the assembly and testing, and sent an invoice that was payable online.They're based in the US, and it's very quick and easy to work with them.I highly recommend Cyber City Circuits electronics manufacturing, design, etc.Thank you David and the rest of the team!


We do not offer general parts sourcing for orders less than 500 units any longer. We are expecting the client to provide parts and overage.

Please ship parts to the following address:

Cyber City Circuits
Attn: D. Ray
336 Georgia Ave
Suite 106 Box 233
N Augusta, SC 29841

We do source parts for orders of 500 units or more, but generally orders do not include parts sourcing. For orders less than 500 units, parts are expected to be provided by the client. We can source PCBs and stencils. If you have questions or need help, please ask. We don’t mind helping.

or very short prototyping runs, we can use a flex or framed stencil, but for all production quantities we require a framed stencil. We can help you with any questions about sizing or material.

There are many places to source a framed stencil. We recommend OshStencilJLCPCB, and PCBWAY for your stencil needs.

here are a few things that you can do that can save a lot of time, money, and stress throughout the process.

  • When ordering your parts, use ‘Job Number’ + ‘BOM Line Number’ as your customer number.
  • If you have already ordered the parts, writing the line number on the bag with a sharpie makes the check in process a lot quicker. This isn’t required, but it is helpful and appreciated.
  • Make sure you include enough overage parts for your assembly.
  • Be confident with your design before you go into production.
  • We offer prototyping services as well, if you want to make a handful of assemblies before going into production.

This is a good question. We wrote a blog article, explaining how to do this in KICAD, called KICAD Tip: Generate a Position File. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

I’m glad you ask, this is a great way to manage all of these panelization requirements.

JLCPCB has a few requirements in order to panelize your board:

  • it will need to have a non-irregular shape.
  • the shorter side must be longer than 70mm.


Let’s go through what the different options on JLCPCB’s quote form are for panelization.

  • Delivery Mode – There are three options here. ‘Single PCB’ is the default option and the one you’re likely most familiar with. ‘Panel by Customer’ is an option for you to select if you have panelized the boards yourself, before submitting your gerbers for production. ‘Panel by JLCPCB’ is the option we’re interested in here.
  • Panel Format – You can have your boards panelized 5 rows of 4 boards, 1 row of 3 boards, and so on. When considering how many boards to put on your panel, things like board thickness, the size of the individual boards, and if any components will overlap from one board to another during assembly. Generally we like to keep our panel sizes to less than 150mm x 150mm, but we can process boards larger than that. It seems to be the most economic size for panelization.
  • Edge Rails – Here we have three main options. When panelizing, we have found that 5mm edge rails on all four sides are great for processing and assembly.

Good question. In that case, we could complete assembly with just mounting holes placed near the corners. For more information on this, please read our blog post Much Ado About Panelization and Mounting Holes.


Good question. In that case, we could complete assembly with just mounting holes placed near the corners. For more information on this, please read our blog post Much Ado About Panelization and Mounting Holes.



Additional Notes can be found on JLCPCB’s Website.

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